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The essence of Humility, Openness & Truthfulness

The Almighty has seen fit to grant me this indescribably beautiful gift of the Intuitive Potential Opening! In all sincerity and humility, I am simply thrilled to have a means by which to finally and openly share this gift with people who in turn, can also share it with others as well. May we all recognize and act on the God Presence Energy in our lives to inspire as many as we can.

- Richard Austin, Human Resource Specialist, Minnesota Department of Health


Since the Intuitive Opening and practicing the meditation exercise on a daily basis, I have noticed my self-awareness is heightened, even at times when I am not actively reflecting. It’s taken some time and practice, but I feel like I have more confidence and control when speaking, which has been beneficial for my personal, family and work relationships. I know the changes I am experiencing are due to the peace and compassion of God's presence growing inside me. I am so happy to have this practice and gift in my life, especially during these stressful and challenging times.

- Amanda Wolfgeher, Environmental Specialist, Missouri Department of Natural Resources


Since receiving the opening of the "God-Presence Energy" (Intuitive Potential) I have noticed a major improvement in my meditation practice.  During meditation, there is an immediate sense of peace, balance and stillness of mind.  During my waking consciousness however, there seems to be a greater stream or flow of higher thought and inner guidance. So from my experience, this method provides a means of gaining a higher perception and deeper insight into the core aspects and principles of spirituality. In this respect, I consider it to be a 'timely gift' that will contribute to our capacity to confront and resolve the unprecedented issues and problems facing mankind at this time.

- Stan Brooks, Martial Arts Instructor (Missouri)


Reflecting on the GPE and Opening of the Intuitive Potential there is a sense of peace and happiness. As levels of understanding increase, one becomes more aware of the spiritual dimensions of life and those qualities become more developed in thoughts, words and actions. In the silent depths of one's heart we know God is there guiding us all the way. We are cultivating our inner paradise and calmness which comes from God, the creator, and radiates to others. Our minds become more focused and our abilities to contribute to humanity scientifically and spiritually improve. This is especially needed in these turbulent times. 

- Deborah A. Browning, RN, BSN, MPA (Missouri)


The opening of intuitive potential has strengthened my relationship with all that is. 

I am more in tune with everything around me. Mind, body and spirit are connected. When 

applying this technique in my life, it has assisted me with taking the first steps of becoming my authentic self, who I truly am on a soul level. I have experienced a tremendous amount of growth within myself. I have created healthy boundaries within my life, by doing so I have experienced a state of tranquility within my mind, no matter what distractions are around. I have gained the ability to expand my heart to be more compassionate, loving and peaceful. I have strengthened my relationship with my friends and family. “I must be brave, I must be strong, I have courage.” Are phrases I recite when struggles arise in my life. Throughout this journey I have faith and I know I’m not alone. This has been one of the best gifts and tools I have ever received. For it has truly assisted me in striving to become my true self who is free.

- Rayniesha Sharp (Missouri)


Incorporating God-Presence Energy as the foundation to my daily meditation practice has heightened my inner knowing of God's Love and a greater awareness of our infinite Universal Oneness. Having experienced GPE, I feel a sense of responsibility to share this practice with fellow humans to enhance our shared life journey with inner peace, purpose and meaning.

- Colonel, U.S. Air Force (Ret) Mylène Tran Huynh, MD, MPH (Virginia)


When I first received the GPE my Mind, Body and Soul felt a powerful surge of energy entering my body and then suddenly I felt my heart and a feeling of love and joy came upon me. Now I feel a deeper and a profound feeling of happiness and joy that God is inside of me. Also, my meditations are deeper than before and experiencing miracles happening in my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. I trust and have faith that the presence of God is always with me. I am truly grateful!  Namaste.

- Anjellea Godwin (Missouri)

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