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Provide a tool for others to discover God's Presence

Our Mission: is to provide the tools for others to realize and develop their level of God-Presence Energy or GPE within.


Our Vision: is to assist others through the process of Opening the Intuitive Potential to integrate the GPE in their daily lives. The aim is to help people become aware of their GPE abilities in order to live with compassion, wisdom and courage.


We offer another approach and delivery system that involves the Opening of the Intuitive Potential and Meditation or Contemplative Exercises. Consequently, you will be applying the arts of integrating energy in your life. To achieve this goal, you will begin with the Opening of your Intuitive Potential in order to discover God’s Presence. This Opening of the Intuitive Potential will require three conditions: Open Mind/Open Heart, Truthfulness and Humility.

IAM-Presence Vu Tran

This is a lifetime process in which you will continue to practice and apply these tools with the aim of reaching a level of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Gradually, as you go through this training program you will discover the essence of patience, sacrifice and resiliency. These virtues will enable you to be energetically proficient in order to improve your life by cultivating Compassion, Wisdom and Courage.

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