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Encourage, help and share experiences


Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Certified in SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga Therapy
Certified in Energy Healing Jorhei

Certified in Access Bars™, Ministry of the Native American Indigenous Church (NAIC) and Ministry of the Universal Life Church

Elemental Intuitive Advisor

Access Bars™ Practitioner

Tantric Numerologist

SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga Therapy.

27-year experience as an Elemental Intuitive Advisor: I provide insight to help people connect with their true nature - their Essence Soul's Blueprint. I help people discover their gifts and how to use them in their career, relationships and spiritual life.

"My experience practicing Human University Energy (HUE) has given me profound insight and skills to guide myself and others. It has taken me to a whole new level of transformation and clarity on a Mind, Body and Soul level. Now GPE has heightened my Intuitive Potential to have clearer vision and greater awareness and to release old patterns that no longer serve me. I am truly grateful to and appreciative of this amazing pathway to Universal Wisdom."





Daughter of a pioneer, born on a farm, ‘’a New Land’’ in the Netherlands,

surrounded with space, air and earth.


We serve nature,

with method and system.


I love growth and development,

with reflection, interconnectedness and inspiration.


My life resonates with GPE.

You are invited to join and participate.



Education: B.A. in Communications Studies at Fontbonne University

Residential Manager – Community Living, Inc., a Non-Profit Organization working with individuals with physical and developmental disabilities.

Lead Medical Staff Professional. Saint Charles, MO.
Job Coach. Saint Charles, MO.
Vocational Instructor. Saint Charles, MO.

“The opening of Intuitive Potential has given me a better understanding and greater awareness of my conscious and subconscious mind. Through the art of Mastering these two elements of the mind, I’ve gained the ability to create balance in every experience of life. My goal as a GPE practitioner is to become the best version of myself. Inevitably the vision I hope to express for the world is Compassion, Kindness and Unconditional Love Collectively.” 





B.A. in Psychology, UNO

M.A. in Human Resources & Industrial Relations



Self Employed



COVID 19 Congregate Care Facility Contact Tracer (reassignment w/MDH), St. Paul, MN.

Hospice Volunteer. AseraCare, Minneapolis, MN.

Psychiatric Technician. DePaul Tulane Behavioral Health Center, New Orleans, LA.


“The Opening of the Intuitive Potential (IP) helped me to better understand how God’s Presence or Source Energy is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING. From the highs, to the lows, to everything in between, there is no place that God’s Presence/Source Energy is not. ‘If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.’ Psalms 139:8. ‘The Tao is an empty vessel; it is used, but never filled. Oh, unfathomable source of ten thousand things! Blunt the sharpness, Untangle the knot, Soften the glare, Merge with dust. Oh, hidden deep but ever present! I do not know from whence it comes. It is the forefather of the gods.’ With this enhanced understanding, my vision is to model this so that others can discover it too, so that we can all deepen in learning with each other.”




Education: B.A. in Psychology, SIU.



Income Maintenance Caseworker – Missouri Department of Social Services (retired)



Instructor at California Martial Arts Academy in Maplewood, MO.

Instructor at Ron Smith’s Muay Thai Academy in Saint Louis, MO.

Co-Director of Spiritual Human Yoga South Grand Center in Saint Louis, MO


“After the Opening of the Intuitive Potential, I've received a vision and confirmation that I will help to promote the research and development of human latent abilities through the practice of GPE which is an Energy-Meditation or E-Meditation. I deeply believe that the practice of E-Meditation represents an evolutionary stage of human consciousness that will contribute to the study of both science and spirituality.”




Education: B.A. in Quantitative Computational Analysis, SJSU.



Sr. Applications Engineer – DSC Communications. San Jose, CA.

Translator & Instructor – Mankind Enlightenment Love, Inc. Saint Louis, MO.

PAS Specialist – Emergency Department at SSM St Clare Hospital. Fenton, MO



30-year Meditator & Mentor

Author of The Art of Resiliency (LifeRich Publishing, 04/2021)

Founder of God-Presence Energy or GPE


“The Opening of Intuitive Potential (IP) helped me understand the collective values of openness, truthfulness and humility. This IP allowed me to reach a new horizon where I actually observe the movement and impact of God-Presence Energy (GPE). Equipped with this experience and insight, I am sharing the GPE gift with others and my ultimate goal is to help people become effective witnesses of God’s grace and love.”

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