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A portrait of one soul

IAM-Presence Vu Tran

I have been working on this book project since 2019 and now it is published. It was exactly 46 years ago on 04/22/1975 I lost my home in Vietnam and started a new life in the United States. After recovering from the fatal car accident, I was able to observe how the pieces of challenging or painful events can actually become living proofs of divine grace and love. I wish to share with you my story: The Art of Resiliency. 

About the Book

The Art of Resiliency paints a living portrait of one soul who was born into a war-torn country, survived the Vietnam War, restarted in the United States, recovered from a fatal car crash, and became a witness of God’s grace. Vu Tran looks back at surviving the Vietnam War and the struggles he and his family faced after coming to the United States of America as refugees. Through hard work, he made a life for himself in a new country, but everything changed on Good Friday, April 13, 1990. That was the day when a drunken driver struck the car he was riding in with his fiancée. The accident happened so fast that he did not have time to blink—and just like that, his bride-to-be was taken from him. While he survived, he entered a period of deep depression. It was only through a better understanding of faith and spirituality that he was able to evolve and push forward. Join the author as he shares how the grace of God allowed him to master the art of resiliency and nurture the fruit of misfortune to harvest golden opportunities.


About the Author

Vu Tran lived through the Vietnam War. His family was among the first refugees who came to the United States before the Fall of Saigon. He was the sole survivor of a car crash caused by a drunken driver and tried to commit suicide three times. He has recovered from his trauma and is blessed with a loving wife and three beautiful children. He shares his experiences as a living witness of God’s grace and love.

Here are the links of the video clip & book stores:

YouTube video clip: The Art of Resiliency – My Spiritual-Transformation Journey




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I really appreciate the compassion, encouragement and help from everyone that I was fortunate to meet through the years, especially during those challenging and difficult moments in my life. Please share this message with others, especially the ones who are struggling or suffering in the challenging and turbulent storm at the present time.

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