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Humility, Openness & Truthfulness

Principles & Values


After successfully completing the Opening of your Intuitive Potential, you have a new level of conscious awareness and you can develop your GPE. In fact, you are in a large family of GPE practitioners who share the same objective.


In this family, we come together under the following principles:

  • Our hearts and minds are open

  • Our intention is sincere and truthful

  • Our approach is based on humility


Therefore, in our GPE forum or meeting our hearts/minds are open to welcome each other, our intentions are sincere and truthful, and we approach or interact with one another in humility.

There is a clever way we can remind ourselves by using the acronym HOT for Humility, Openness and Truthfulness. We can think or say, "We need the HOT Combination to Open the Intuitive Potential."

Through the Opening of the Intuitive Potential we can focus on the development of our GPE within. We should note as the GPE level increases, we become more conscious and responsible for what we think, say and act. Consequently, we allow the God’s Presence to guide us in order to reach the level of wellness that includes emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual health.

Each of us would like to maintain a harmonious and positive energy field within our body/mind, our home, our community, our workplace, and so on. From this perspective, we need to be aware of the energetic ripple effects that we create from our actions, thoughts and words.

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