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Abundance, Happiness, Serenity, Wellness, Success, Unity & Enlightenment

The training program can be divided into short sessions as shown below:


Meditation: Apprentice Level – Part 1      [Duration: 30 minutes]

  • Introduction                                                                    

  • Concept of God-Presence Energy or GPE               

  • Open the Intuitive Potential    

  • Out-of-Classroom Assignment


Meditation: Apprentice Level – Part 2      [Duration: 30 minutes]

  • Meditation Technique                          

  • Q&A Session                                                                 

  • Out-of-Classroom Assignment


Meditation: Apprentice Level – Part 3      [Duration: 30 minutes]

  • Be more conscious and aware of GPE

  • Q&A Session

  • Out-of-Classroom Assignment


Meditation: Apprentice Level – Part 4      [Duration: 30 minutes]

  • Fine tuning your communication ability

  • Monitoring your GPE Level                             

  • Q&A Session                                                                 

  • Out-of-Classroom Assignment


Primary Goal: The primary objective of this Training Program is to help the practitioners develop and enhance their GPE levels in order to become effective witnesses of God's grace and love. In a sense, they will become more conscious and responsible human beings with compassion, wisdom and courage.

Future Levels: There are three stages namely, Apprentice Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level. The core foundation of each level is to enhance one's Compassion, Wisdom and Courage by adapting the principles of Heavenly Timing, Earthly Advantage and Human Harmony or Thiên Thời, Địa Lợi, Nhân Hòa in Vietnamese. For now, we just concentrate on mastering the Apprentice Level in which we develop and maintain our GPE at 70% or higher. When many practitioners can consistently reach this capacity, then we will be ready to move on to the Intermediate Level.

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