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Learn to become effective witness of divine grace & love

I have learned about the values of meditation literally by accident. It was a fatal car accident caused by a drunk driver and his passenger who altered my life on that fateful Good Friday, April 13, 1990. Miraculously, I was the sole survivor but my fiancée lost her life. At the hospital, the doctor told me she died instantly due to massive brain injury. I remember the feeling of loss and despair as I laid there in the dark Emergency Room. Suddenly I heard a loud voice saying, "Con dự tính, Ta định đoạt!" which is "You plan things, I make things happen!" From that moment, I knew God spared my life and gave me a second chance on earth to be an instrument. During my mourning period, our family friend, Uncle Phạm Hậu was guided to visit and deliver a message to me. He came and sang Kinh Hòa Bình which is St. Francis of Assisi’s Peace Prayer in Vietnamese. As I listened to my uncle, these words penetrated deeply into my heart, and from inside my soul I realized that I have just received my life’s assignment.

Due to my physical and mental conditions after the car accident, my mother took me to learn the Human and Universal Energy (HUE) Meditation in August 1990. I met Master Lương Minh Đáng in November 1990 and eventually became his translator as we traveled around the world to conduct Seminars. After his passing in August 2007, I continued to apply this technique until 2017. From my perspective, there was still a missing link and the technique was not complete. It was more than a year ago in March 2019, I have received the guidance with the upgraded approach and have applied until this year. I found the missing piece of the puzzle that connects everything together and it is the development of God-Presence Energy (GPE) within each human being. I have simplified this process to pass on the ability and knowledge to everybody in order to become effective witnesses of God’s grace.

Vu Tran (03/2019)
Founder | Author | Coach

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