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Take care of the GPE seeds & watch them develop

These are the guidelines for us as we aim to enhance our GPE level:

  • See with our intuition; do not see with our physical eye.

  • Hear with our heart; do not hear with our ego.

  • Think with open mind and heart; do not think with our logical brain.

  • Act with compassion, wisdom and courage; do not act selfishly.

  • Talk with kind and healing words; do not use harsh words.


Here is a symbolic image that can remind us of our energy fuel tank. We should make a habit of checking our energy level as we begin the day in the morning and at the end of the day when we are about to sleep. Knowing the fuel gauge reading empty, we would not be so distracted or lazy and ignore it when we drive out of the city. In the same manner, we should not be too distracted, ignorant or lazy to monitor our fuel tank or GPE Level each day because we need to have enough Positive Energy to get through the daily challenges.

IAM-Presence Vu Tran.png

On the left: we have the low GPE Level of 1 bar or less.

In this case the Positive-Energy Fuel Tank is empty.

As a result we have weak or no Wi-Fi Signal and poor or no connection.


On the right: we have the high GPE Level of 5 bars.

In this case the Positive-Energy Fuel tank is full.

As a result we have strong Wi-Fi Signal and good connection.


Remark: In this context, the positive energy can be in the form of confidence, happiness, peace, resiliency, or wellness. The connection here is the link to the infinite source of energy and information that can promote or enhance a person’s level of compassion, wisdom and courage.

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