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How to raise mental and spiritual awareness

The Voice of Silence (VOS)


Through the GPE training we will know the ability and essence of the Voice of Silence (VOS) which is one way God communicates and interacts. We need to be disciplined to "hold our tongue" and let God speak, and to "be still" and let God intervene. God uses a subtle communication system and we need to know how to gain access to it. Right now, we are not able to have a direct communication with God. We cannot hear or see God with our physical ears or eyes. Throughout history there were some people who had the special ability of hearing or seeing the Divine Beings. I believe God has given them the privilege or access key to have special abilities to hear or see the Divine Beings. For example, St. Catherine of Siena was listening and talking to God but nobody else could hear Him; St. Bernadette Soubirous saw and talked to the Virgin Mary in Lourdes and the crowd could not see or hear anything; or Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia saw and talked to the Holy Mother in Fatima with all the people around them who could not see and hear anything. As loving and responsible parents, I do not think God is hiding from His children. On the contrary, God is always present inside of us and all around us! However, we are not looking and we do not listen to God's silent voice. Just like our children, they have "selective hearing" or "tunnel vision" and they just tune in to whatever they want to hear or see. They are disobedient, ignorant or reckless. But as their parents, we always pay attention to our children's activities and we are ready to act or help when they reach out to us. God is our loving and wise parent who constantly monitors all of His children as well as their living environment. Due to the fact that we rely totally on our physical senses to interact with the world around us, we are easily distracted by the material factors such as fame, fortune, or lust. Additionally, our brain is influenced (or programmed) by the academic, cultural, political, religious or social systems of the world. The human race is under the control of the capitalists, politicians and scientists who make the policies and rules. Therefore, our view is shortsighted and our mind is limited. We are facing the imminent threat of climate change, mass extinction, pandemic, terrorism or war because of selfishness and power struggle. During this critical time, God reaches out to help us open the mind eye to see the reality. In a silent way, God is reaching out and revealing Himself to those who open their hearts/minds to truly and humbly accept His Presence. GPE is the Voice of Silence. You can raise its volume by increasing your GPE level to 70% or higher. At this range, God's Presence is dominantly controlling your mind 70% or higher so your hearing and seeing abilities are sharper. You will experience the situations in which you have the ideas on what to do. As you are about to act, the issues are resolved, and God speaks to you silently, "I am way ahead of you!" Using the example from our business world, let us say you are working on a project with your manager and you know exactly what to do in certain situations. So, when a situation comes up you anticipate and prepare to act. But as you step in to do the work, your manager was already a step ahead and had everything resolved. This is my way of understanding the connection as we work together and know the status of the job. When a situation arises, we can act in-sync with the manager. Therefore, as we constantly focus on developing our GPE, we will have a broader perspective that includes the alignment of Heavenly Timing, Earthly Advantage and Human Harmony. 


We can compare and see the difference between a person's loud voice and God's silent voice. A person's loud voice may not reach across a large room, or the people may hear it but they do not pay attention and the message goes in one ear and out the other. Because this person is boasting or sending message to serve his/her selfish interest, it does not resonate well. On the other hand, God's silent voice will reach everybody on earth, and it penetrates deep into the human heart/mind. Additionally, there are corresponding actions or phenomena that follow God's voice to back up His words. I can relate to the similar case of lightning and thunder to illustrate this point. According to the Bible, God instructed Noah to build the ark and He followed through with the great flood; or God told Moses to ask the Pharaoh to let the Jews go or face the consequences, and He backed up with ten plagues. Here is my point: we should focus our effort to find God’s silent voice and learn to listen to it. Keep in mind, this is the voice of the Most High who created the universe. God’s silent voice carries more weight than all the powerful rulers on earth because He is able to put together the Heavenly Timing, Earthly Advantage and Human Harmony and make things happen. When we can listen and follow God’s instructions we begin to discover the essence of the VOS. Jesus Christ constantly listened to God’s silent voice and He always said or did something at the right time, in the right place and with the right people. For example, on the Sabbath, Jesus was in the synagogue and there was a sick person so He performed the healing (Mark 3:1-6; Luke 13:10-17); or when Lazarus was sick his sisters sent word to Jesus but He did not go right way, He came after Lazarus was dead for 4 days and brought him back to life in front of all the people who were there (John 11:1-44). I respectfully say I am fully convinced that Jesus Christ has set the bar for us because He actually encouraged us to do better: "I can assure you that whoever believes in me will do the same things I have done. And they will do even greater things than I have done, because I am going to the Father. And if you ask for anything in my name, I will do it for you. Then the Father’s glory will be shown through the Son" (John 14: 12-13); and we will be able to make His wish come true. This is one way of expressing our gratitude by following the Lord’s instruction with open heart/mind, truthfulness and humility. At the GPE level of 70% or higher, you are very much in harmony with God’s words or actions, and you sincerely and faithfully follow His will just as the children who dearly love and trust their parent. We really try to thrive and do better in order to please our Heavenly Father, or to make our Lord Master proud. This is the frame of mind we should have.

The GPE Graceful Hand

The GPE Graceful Hand


Here is an effective process to become the GPE Graceful Hand. The key of this process is to set the priorities in your mind, and discipline yourself to follow through with it. By setting the priorities, we should know who the Source of our problems as well as solutions is. We need to know God, the Creator of the universe, is the Source of everything that exists in the physical and spiritual realm. Therefore, our top priority should be to find God’s Presence and receive His guidance. As human beings, we often set a condition in which we need to solve our own issues first, and then we will be able to search for God’s Presence. On earth we continue to face relentless challenges or issues, and they never end. This is the nature and cycle of the physical realm. We can never control or stop its functions and operations because they are designed to promote growth and evolution. If we consider ourselves to be the users of this system, then we will get to a point that we are overwhelmed or unable to handle the massive data load. As a result, we can feel completely burned out, depressed, lost or stressed out. But if we train ourselves to become the system designer or system manager, then we do not see adversities as obstacles or problems but as new opportunities for growth and evolution. 


At this stage of your development, some of you have reached beyond the point of believing the GPE works, because you tested and experienced it. So, you have moved from believing to knowing. You may know how the system works, but you cannot run the program without the activation key. In this case, to become the GPE Graceful Hand we need to have the Authorization Code activated and it is given from the Lord, not from any human being. Actually, it is God’s fingertip that brings the spiritual and physical realms together as one. The GPE Graceful Hand will create or generate an event in space/time that significantly affects others physically and spiritually. The final piece of the puzzle is to have the activated Authorization Code and become the GPE Graceful Hand. It is a whole new level of transformation because we will actually “work hand in hand” with the Creator. We will be very grateful to have a process of transforming ourselves from the ordinary humans to the effective instruments and witnesses of God’s grace.


With the abilities of GPE Graceful Hand we cannot and will not act according to our own emotion, instinct or logic. This type of acts or interventions usually causes animosity, confusion, division, fear, jealousy, hatred, misunderstanding or violence. In general, the GPE Graceful Hand either stabilizes or improves the situation by transforming it from chaos to peace, from danger to safety, from desperation to hope, or from closed door to open window of opportunities. Here are the criteria of GPE Graceful Hand's guidelines for intervention: 


  1. We act upon the following circumstances:

    • when we come across a request from somebody who is desperate

    • when we see somebody in a life-threatening situation

    • ​when we are facing a situation that is presented by the VOS

  2. We act to bring harmony and peace, or calm the situation down

  3. We act to promote growth, or improve the condition

  4. We act to provide answer and solution, or save the afflicted

  5. We act to make reconciliation, or heal the wound


From this principle, when we touch or influence someone's life we mean to make it better. This is the case of the people we encounter at home, at work or in public such as our family members, our coworkers, our friends, our neighbors, or the complete strangers. We may do something to help them, or share our thoughts, or give our suggestions that are beneficial. But when we pass on the GPE ability and knowledge to someone, meaning we open the Intuitive Potential, he/she will go through the rollercoaster ride just like us in order to experience the GPE's full potential. When this person has the Opening of Intuitive Potential, the GPE will take control and he/she will be in autopilot mode. I want to make sure you know this concept. Here is the difference: when the GPE Graceful Hand touches or influences somebody, this person's overall situation will be stable or better because he/she is receiving God's grace. However, when we deliver this GPE package by Opening a person's Intuitive Potential it will be God's Presence that directly guides and influences his/her thoughts and actions. In this case, this person may go through difficult challenges or turbulent times to develop his/her GPE level. 

The Physical God's presence

The Physical God’s Presence


The GPE Training Program works in sync with the Creator or High Power. At the start, it takes human effort to have the Opening of Intuitive Potential and each practitioner can focus on discovering and developing his/her GPE within. It is critical to constantly be Humble, Open and Truthful (HOT) so we can make progress and complete the training. By completing this GPE Training Program, each of us will go a full circle as we began to open our heart/mind looking for God's Presence and we end up becoming the Physical God's Presence.


We still have the influences of culture, family, religions, or traditions, and the concept of becoming the Physical God's Presence may not be accepted by everyone. This concept may be misunderstood as blasphemy or heresy. It must be very clear that we do not claim to become God. In fact, we aim to transform ourselves and become the Physical God's Presence. We know where we are and who gives us these abilities. Here is an example we can use to illustrate this point. Let us say you are an artist. You pick up a brush to make a drawing on the canvas. The brush becomes your "graceful hand" as you convey your artistic idea and emotional expression through each stroke. Consequently, this artwork becomes a part of your presence because you actually created it. In a sense this artwork is one way you expressed your thoughts and emotions. The canvas has your presence, it may be a partial reflection of your identity, but certainly, it is not you. Using this example, each of us is created with unique features and purposes by the God. So, each person is a part of the God's purpose and vision as He puts all the elements together to make it uniquely special. From this perspective, we are all God's children and each one carries a partial reflection of God's image.


All of us can remember how we wished to be like our father or mother. Some of us would imitate the father's skills, or copy the mother's gesture because we admire and respect our parents. In the same manner, when we thrive to become the Physical God's Presence, we do it out of love and respect. Keep in mind, for all of these processes to work we need the foundation that is based on Humility, Openness and Truthfulness. Otherwise, we would not even be able to get through the Opening of the Intuitive Potential at the beginning!


As mentioned above, this process is in line with the High Power or our Heavenly Parents because we were encouraged to thrive and be as good or perfect as our Heavenly Parents. Here are the reminders:

​You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. (Matthew 5:48)

Speak to all the congregation of the people of Israel and say to them, “You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy.” (Leviticus 19:2)

As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” (1 Peter 1: 14-16)

The GPE Graceful Hand is a step in which the practitioner is directly assigned by the High Power or our Heavenly Parents. The GPE Graceful Hand will be a preventive, or protective, or restorative instrument. It can help others by preventing calamity or disaster from happening to them, or protecting them from dangers, or restoring their state of balance, harmony and peace. In the process of training to become the GPE Graceful Hand, the practitioners will develop the virtues of Humility, Openness, Truthfulness, Compassion, Wisdom, Courage and Resiliency.


After being the GPE Graceful Hand, we will achieve many things and perform many tasks to gain all the experiences. Depending on each person's tasks, we will eventually transform into the Physical God's Presence. I refer to the internship as one way of explaining this concept. When the interns complete their requirements, they will be the professionals and have all the authorizations as well as qualifications to do their jobs. When a practitioner performs all the tasks that were assigned or required by the High Power, he/she will ultimately become the Physical God's Presence because of the works he/she has done. Being the Physical God's Presence means you have reached the highest degree of compassion, courage, faith, humility, joy, kindness, mercy, openness, patience, resilience, truthfulness and wisdom. It has nothing to do with fame, fortune or power in the physical realm. Each practitioner will need to meditate and discover the impact of being the Physical God’s Presence on his/her spiritual path. 


When we reach the Seventh Development Stage to become the Physical God’s Presence, we should remember this advice:


“Being the Physical God’s Presence means that I am the embodiment of God’s grace through the manner of thinking, saying and acting compassionately, wisely and courageously. I do this in the spirit of humility, openness and truth.”


It will serve as our guiding compass and we should constantly repeat this advice either mentally or verbally to remind ourselves each day.

GPE Greeting Sign
IAM-Presence Vu Tran

GPE Greeting Sign


I was given a greeting sign or hand gesture that GPE Practitioners will use to recognize and support each other in the near future. With the right hand we show the Peace sign with two fingers making the letter V and place on the heart (as shown in the photo). The symbolic meaning is a Peaceful Heart that reflects the Be-Still ability of the Voice of Silence (VOS). Right now in the beginning of 2021 we have a small group of GPE Practitioners who are discovering and developing the VOS capacity. Soon, the Lord will make the VOS resonate strongly and spread widely throughout the world. Eventually, we shall see many more of our GPE brothers and sisters who use this VOS greeting sign.


At the human level, we actually make a conscious act to raise our level of discipline and focus through the symbolic expression of the Peaceful Heart. As a result, our mind is switching to the “Be-Still” mode in order to detect the subtle VOS and observe God's invisible hands at work.


At the spiritual level, we are making a pledge with God that we decide to hold a Peaceful Heart and Be Still to let God's Presence take control. When our heart is totally at peace and our mind is completely still, God's Presence is active. We will have an extraordinary and profound experience as God opens and shares His grace and love with us. Any loving and responsible parents would open and share their joy and love with a child who truly and humbly wishes to be guided.

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