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How to raise mental and spiritual awareness

Opening the Intuitive Potential is a process that begins with the intention to raise the level of our mental and spiritual awareness. This becomes a two-way communication between us as the receiver and our Maker as the transmitter. With the desire to grow and become better human beings, we are given the opportunities and tools in which to achieve this. As we sincerely reach up to our Maker, He also responds to help us just as any loving parent would do for his children. The conscious act and sincere intention that opens the Intuitive Potential is fully realized when we are open-minded/openhearted, truthful and humble.

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We are made in God's image, each one has (but many do not experience) the God-Presence Energy (GPE) within us. In the past, many of our ancestors experienced higher levels of GPE, because they recognized the value of living in harmony with nature. But over time, as technology advanced, humans became distracted and focused less on spiritual development and thus drastically lowered our personal GPE levels. Consequently, we lost our faith and our purpose. We are easily trapped and have become dependent on technology when we encounter difficult trials or problems. It is very important to remember the potential of the GPE that is within each of us and to focus on its development. Through the process of Opening the Intuitive Potential and regular meditation and contemplative practices, each person will be able to develop and enhance his or her GPE level. The development of each person’s GPE is the primary objective of this process.

Participant’s Requirements


  • Children must be at least 12 years old and minors require the consent of their parents or legal guardians. Ideally, parents and their children would learn this together. In this manner, they can encourage each other to practice and make progress together.


  • Each participant needs to have the following frame of mind in order to benefit and obtain positive results:


  1. Have an open mind and open heart so that you can receive the full “data package.” When you have a closed mind/heart you may only obtain partial information because you selectively filter out what you do not accept or understand.

  2. Be truthful to yourself and sincerely wish to find and develop the GPE within. If you are pressured to be here or do not sincerely want to learn, then you may you may not pay attention and will thus have difficulty receiving the GPE energy or information.

  3. Be humble to know and be guided by God’s Presence. Consequently, you may experience the subtle way GPE operates in your daily lives. When your ego takes control, you will be distracted as you focus on your interests or priorities rather than seeing beyond yourself.




I would like to present the significant GPE Development Stages that we have gone through together:


  1. Open the Intuitive Potential: we need to open people’s Intuitive Potential in order to find God’s Presence. This process will work when they have Humility, Openness and Truthfulness or HOT.

  2. Discover the GPE within: After the successful Opening of Intuitive Potential, each person needs to practice the daily meditation with the aim of “parking” his/her mind in order to consciously observe the development of his/her GPE level.

  3. Utilize the GPE: Each practitioner needs to become proactive and really applies the GPE with the aim of transforming an idea or thought into reality. The “Make a Wish” exercise is an example of the energy transformation from a thought or neuron firing inside one’s head to an actual event in time/space.

  4. Detect the Voice of Silence: At this stage, each practitioner has some experiences with the meditation technique in order to discipline or train himself/herself so the heart is totally at peace and the mind is completely still. Eventually, he/she will detect the subtle Voice of Silence (VOS).

  5. Become the Co-VOS: After detecting the VOS, the practitioner will consciously and continuously tune-in to the VOS channel. When the heart is at peace and the mind is completely still, God’s Presence is active. This practitioner is constantly connected to GPE through the VOS channel. As a result, this practitioner will become the Co-VOS because he/she is its delivery system.

  6. Become the GPE Graceful Hand: Through the VOS channel, each practitioner learns to catch the information from the spiritual realm and relay it to others in the physical world. Actually, this practitioner needs to touch and influence people’s lives or thinking processes because of the wisdom and abilities he/she has received from the VOS channel. In a sense, this practitioner becomes the GPE Graceful Hand.

  7. Become the Physical God’s Presence: Through the experiences of being Co-VOS and GPE Graceful Hand, this practitioner will ultimately become God’s Presence. This is not a symbolic, but a real transformation. The Lord is training and giving each person the possibility and ability to be the physical God’s Presence.

Here is a diagram that shows us the abilities of our Intuitive Potential (IP) after we have successfully opened it.

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